merchant credit card processing Texas
Does your business need merchant credit card processing in Texas? If you own a business or sell a product or service, it’s almost impossible to compete in the industry without possessing the ability to accept credit or debit cards. That’s where Zeerpay comes in!
ZeerPay makes it possible for businesses and self employed individuals to take payments in-house, on-the-go, over the phone, via the Internet and any place your smartphone can go. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, check out all of the options available from ZeerPay. Their Clover line of merchant processing equipment will help you take payments anyplace, anytime. 
The Clover POS is an easy to use machine that was built with reliability in mind. It allows credit card swipe with fluid motion and provides high-end finishes for your business. With the Clover POS, you’ll get a touchscreen display, high-speed printer and a cash drawer. Its key features include:
- Large and bright 11.6” touchscreen
- Brushed aluminum body with white glass accents
- Encrypted swiper runs down the side of the display and is designed for maximum reliability
- Embedded high-resolution camera that can be used for barcode or QR code scanning
- Proprietary pivot arm swivels smoothly between merchant and customer
- Reduce cord clutter with a single power source for display and printer
- Ethernet, wireless, and Bluetooth options for optimal connectivity
- 4 USB ports to connect peripherals
The Clover Mini is perfect for a business that is open to the public as it can take a variety of credit and debit card payment types, including: swipe cards, EMV chip embedded, contact-less and PIN debit. With the Mini, you can manage your tips and pre-authorize tabs and cards. There is an on-screen signature capture, built-in printer and front facing camera. The Mini will also read Barcodes and QR codes.
The CloverGo and Clover Mobile are both perfect for merchants who are on-the-go and need to take their payment options with them. The Clover Mobile works perfectly for in-house mobile payments and the CloverGo is more suited for out-of-house payment processing in out of the way places where only your smartphone can go. Both Clover devices make merchant credit card processing for your Texas business a snap!
ZeerPay also provides equipment for businesses that want to accept Apple Pay and Android pay, along with others of this same type, with their Payeezy Gateway product that will give you one more way with which to say yes to your customers. Payeezy comes equipped with advanced encryption and tokenization features for exceptional concealment at every risk point.
Ready to find out more? Visit ZeerPay online at and see for yourself why more customers are using state-of-the-art equipment to meet the needs of their customers- and getting more sales. The latest merchant credit card processing equipment for your Texas business is crucial for your success- and ZeerPay is dedicated to making it happen.
merchant credit card processing Texas