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Cultivate Advisors

M Consulting Experts helps guide cannabis entrepreneurs to reduce overall costs and avoid the mistakes many newcomers make. We can help you build a cannabis cultivating business that complies with California state laws.

  • General

This is an hourly consulting service for those who have general questions about starting a cannabis business. We can provide insight into the marketplace conditions to begin your cultivating business on the right foot. Knowing marketplace conditions will help you decide what products to sell and maintain responsible supply chain management. We are experts in cultivation branding and packaging with over 50 cannabis brands and over 100 types of packaging. Proper branding and packaging will give your cultivation business focus. M Consulting Experts has sales team members that can help you get your products on store shelves and generate sales. You will need to learn to use METRC, California's mandatory track and trace system for cannabis companies. It is not an easy program to learn, but we will help you. We can answer any basic accounting questions you may have about the cannabis industry. For more in-depth information, you must ask a certified accountant.

  • Project-Based

Our company can guide you on many types of projects; licensing, facility design and build-out, and operational and manufacturing standard operating procedures. We will also help you find the best vendors and service, providers. These experts include architects and engineers, fire and life safety consultants, ADA consultants, general contractors, security experts, lawyers, gas monitoring systems experts, hardware and packaging suppliers, branding and marketing agencies, and political lobbyists.

We can help you layout and design the perfect cultivation facility. The right floor plan and equipment are a must to get the facility licensed and reach your business goals. Our staff will work with your architectural team to fulfill the needs of your facility. Along with cultivation, we can help you with volatile and non-volatile extraction, manufacturing, co-packing, the packaging on infusion, distribution, retail storefront, and retail delivery. We can also help oversee the building of the facility. The building phase can last months or even years. Let us help you scope out and avoid potential challenges. But also deal with unforeseen challenges during the build.

Let us know if you need help with staffing. M Consulting Experts can help you find the right people for cultivation, manufacturing and extraction, distribution, and sales and marketing. We can also help you with the standard operating practices of running a facility. Our company has written hundreds of SOP's that fully comply with local and state regulations. Choose between general operational and project-specific.

One of the most essential services we offer is helping new cultivation entrepreneurs get licensed. We have worked on many applications for state-level licenses. Strong relationships our company has built with state governing cannabis bureaus have taught us how to make an application good enough to earn a license.

For more information about cultivating cannabis, please call 1-800-530-2764. You can also fill out the contact form based on your specific needs. You can also send a private email to

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