Cbd Credit Card Processing

Why choose APS for CBD credit card processing? Numerous advantages come from working with an APS agent for fast approval for your CBD merchant account. If you’ve received a rejection from your banker regarding your website’s card processing account, it’s not too late to reach out to APS to discuss alternative payment systems. We’ve helped many business owners, just like you, get approved for payment gateways.

Competing in the CBD Industry

We’re aware that more than 90% of customers shopping on the Web expect to pay for products using a credit card- and for that reason, we feel it’s imperative that our clients have the ability to sell in today’s market. We work hard to help our clients find the right lender who can streamline the process of setting up a reliable, secure, and simplified way for customers to pay for CBD products when they shop online. If your bank has deemed you a high-risk business, don’t be discouraged- CBD is a growing industry our lenders are highly interested in supporting.

We Offer Affordable Solutions

APS agents solve everyday and uncommon challenges faced by our clients in the CBD, hemp, and MMJ industries. If you rely on internet or brick-and-mortar location sales while growing your business, we can assist you in getting back to business-as-usual with quick approval for CBD credit card processing. Don’t rely on a single lender to dictate the trajectory of your business- our lenders have a clear vision of where the CBD industry is heading and stand firmly at the forefront of client profitability. Your success is vital to us- call us first for encouraging information and helpful advice.

We Have Connections

Our network of intuitive lenders makes it possible for us to help high-risk business owners reach as many customers as possible. If you’re currently left with one or two payment options, such as Bitcoin or wire transfer payments, your customers will most likely look elsewhere for products they may have purchased from you. CBD credit card processing is crucial to the growth of your business, and we believe we have the right solutions to make multi-payment processing available to you. Explore our website’s resources for details and additional information on applying for a merchant account.

Why Choose APS?

It’s simple- we’ve been serving the CBD industry since its inception, with reliable methods of overcoming obstacles placed before our clients. Our services positively impact bottom line figures by making it not only possible for your customers to purchase from you, but also easier and more secure. Let APS represent you to our network with a dedicated relationship manager who can offer you one-on-one support throughout the entire process. Whether you just have a few questions to ask us or are ready to submit your application for approval, we’ll be at your side from start to finish with professional advice and assistance that will improve your approval chances for a merchant account.