Cannabis Payment Processing

Cannabis payment processing is essential for getting your business off the ground and establishing your dispensary within your community. If you plan to take local or global payments, you’ll need a domestic and international merchant account in order to securely accept credit card payments. It’s not always easy to get a bank or local lender to take your Cannabis business seriously- APS understands your needs and will work hard to help you get approved for Cannabis payment processing.

An Industry Still in its Infancy

As new legislature continues to pave the way for small business owners to get involved in selling medical marijuana to a waiting world, there are still many hurdles and obstacles to overcome. If you’ve been rejected for Cannabis payment processing by your family bank, community credit union, or another traditional lender, don’t lose heart. We work with a vast network of lenders who have a vested interest in helping Cannabis businesses compete in today’s marketplace. It takes just a few short minutes to sig p for a merchant account through our website- and an APS agent will be with you every step of the way.

Get Approved Quickly

We know our clients don’t have time to waste- the fact is, neither do we. We’ll go to work quickly to put you in touch with the right lending partner who can help you get established within your community as well as on the World Wide Web. Our payment gateway solutions are designed to be affordable, so you won’t have to overextend your finances as you grow your Cannabis business. Contact us today to get the process started or explore the many resources found on our website to learn more about us and our services.

We Help You Help Your Customers

Most Cannabis suppliers are restricted to accepting Bitcoin and Wire Transfer payments after finding out their bank will not help them with Cannabis payment processing. Don’t settle for inconvenient payment methods that your customers will ultimately find are too much trouble to be worth the effort. Your customers want to pay for their products with their credit card- not crypto-currency or costly wire transfers. Call us now to get set up with a domestic and international merchant account that streamlines the checkout process, both in your brick-and-mortar location and on the Web.

Start Selling Today

Your sales will soar when your website’s visitors find out you offer multi-options for payment. APS can help you grow your Cannabis business without the unnecessary worries that your competitors are dealing with. Make the best choice for your Cannabis business- call an APS agent with your questions, and we’ll help you find an affordable solution to Cannabis payment processing that fits your budget and meets your needs.

There’s never been a better time to launch your medical marijuana, CBD, or hemp company. With millions of potential customers looking for your products, it’s only a matter of making it easy and convenient for shoppers to purchase from you. We’ll help you achieve success in the medical marijuana industry- call us now.

Cannabis Payment Processing