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Cannabis Consulting

M Consulting Experts was Founded in 2020 by Michael Moussalli and Matteo Tabib, who have great experience in American consulting firms. We initiated our company to help you out in any challenging situation that you might be facing in the Cannabis industry. Our qualified team members will provide you a very satisfying and helpful Cannabis consulting. All our team members have complete knowledge about the Cannabis industry and have years of real-time experience in this field. Therefore, we are known for having the most qualified and competent Cannabis industry consultants.

Our company is always there to maintain subordination with local and state laws and regulations. Additionally, our experienced team members try their best to merge their real-time experience with professionalism and entrepreneurship to analyze every detail that can save time and money carefully.

Cannabis Consulting Services that we offer:

We offer two main types of Cannabis Consulting Services i.e

  • Project Development Consulting
  • General Consulting

Project Development Consulting:

1) Product exploration: We have ten years of experience exploring and creating different products related to the cannabis field. We give our clients proper guidance in identifying the perfect product for their brand, no matter if the product is concrete, vape, or edible. We know it all.

2) Business license: we are prepared to provide you the cannabis business local and state license without any hassle or complication, as we have a way out for all the hurdles and obstacles.

3) Vendors and Recruitment process: Managing an American cannabis consulting firm is not everyone's cup of tea; for this business, you need vendors and employees appropriately trained and understand the intricacy of the Cannabis industry. Therefore, we have a team of proficient vendors and managers to run your firm successfully. Also, we have interviewed numerous candidates for you that match your business.

4) Layout Consultancy: We even have consultants who will guide your architecture to design an impeccable place that meets all your business requirements and goals.

General Consulting:

1) Consultancy: if you are looking for the best medical marijuana consultancy or any other marijuana-related consultancy, we have got it all covered. Our knowledgeable team is here for any query that you are facing.

2) Product creation and distribution: having 50 various marijuana brands, we know how to create, pack, and distribute your product to deploy in the marketplace successfully.

3) Usage of METRC Software: Our team has spent an adequate amount of time mastering the most frustrating software METRC to Track-and-Trace System for cannabis operators.

Our services will make you rethink your question, "Why should you hire a Cannabis Consultant?" To make your business flourish in the most competitive cannabis market, you can always rely on our company. Our remarkable cannabis consultancy services will help you identify what place, staff, product, and packaging are ideal for your brand.

So if you are looking for the best MMJ consulting firm to help you out, Contact M Consulting Experts at (800)-530-2764 or send us an email at

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