Recreational Cannabis Merchant Processing

While the laws are quickly changing in many places the vast majority of recreatonal marijuana businesses are not able to obtain a bank account.

The Problem

Most banks won’t touch a legal recreational marijuana business because of banks needing to stay federally compliant and thus even having marijuana merchant processing would be a no. They try to steer clear of businesses that the government doesn’t approve of for good reasons.

Most legal recreational marijuana businesses are cash only and don’t have a single thought about even trying to obtain a marijuana merchant account. Many consumers use debit and credit cards for most transactions and don’t carry around much cash. While many know they will need to go to an ATM prior to going to a recreational marijuana shop it does reduce the average ticket a business would see if they accepted debit and credit cards.

APS Solution

We have developed special relationships with large financial institutions, banks, and payment processors that will give your recreational marijuana-based business the winning edge.

When most legal Recreational Cannabis facilities are finally allowed to open an account, they are forced to pay exuberant fees. We keep rates low in order to keep your business thriving.

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