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Amnesia Haze

If you want a gorgeous Sativa strain to start your day or give you that mid-day energy shot, then Amnesia Haze is going to be perfect for you. Note, this is a Sativa strain, and its genetics are a cross between a South Asian landrace and a Jamaican landrace strain. This is a Haze strain, which has its own line of strains with their own distinct features and effects. All of the Haze strains have fairly similar effects. If you have experienced strains such as Super Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze, Purple Haze, or other Haze strains, then you should have a pretty good frame of reference of what to expect when you purchase and smoke this strain.

What's it Like Smoking Amnesia Haze?

The flavour of Amnesia Haze is, well, delicious! This strain is ideal for bowls and bongs, but it also smokes very well in joints in blunts. The smoke is very smooth, so be careful not to take too big of a hit, or it might sneak up on you and surprise you. The taste of this strain is piney and somewhat skunky. Some people would call the flavour of this strain, "dank." Indeed, this strain is probably not the best for people who have to hide their weed because it is very musky, skunky, loud, and almost Kushy.

The after taste of this favourite Haze strain is lemon citrus, which is very nice because the bud actually provides smokers with several different flavour profiles in a distinct order. As soon as you light the weed and puff, you will notice a strong piney taste in your mouth. As you exhale the smoke from your throat, you will then notice a pungent, skunky, and earthy taste, followed by a noticeable lemon citrus tease.

What's the High Like?

What's interesting about Amnesia Haze, from a smoker's perspective, is the way it effects the user. It's not quite the same as most Sativa dominant strains or pure Sativas, such as Durban Poison. The first effect that you will notice is a very strong stoney high. In other words, if you take a big rip of this strain, you are going to feel very baked, almost like you would if you had an Indica. After about 30-40 minutes, the overpowering "baked" feeling begins to wear off, and users start to transition from a full-body high to a very cerebral, focused high that is more common with Sativa strains. Therefore, Amnesia Haze might not be the best Sativa for a wake and bake if you have a lot of things to get done early.

Get High for Hours

Whereas most Sativa strains produce fluffy, leafy nugs, this particular strain produces rather compact, dense nugs. This is one of the better Indica features that this strain has. Denser nugs means the buds break up more in your grinder, so one little nug can roll a nice, fat joint that you can get high on for hours (even a whole day if you smoke by yourself).

Amnesia Haze