About Us

An innovtive solution to process high-risk payments

Our Goal

Our focus is to provide solutions for CBD, Hemp, and for MMJ dispensaries. Based on the merchant’s needs, we can provide sourcing, shipping, hardware, software, and banking to increase the merchant’s bottom-line. We offer superior customer service and one-on-one support with a dedicated relationship manager (RM). Our philosophy: solutions build the foundation of a successful partnership, while customer support maintains the longevity of the relationship.

Our Inspiration

To deliver a superior service that allows businesses to thrive in a high-risk environment.


We provide a seamless solution where we can integrate our systems within your establishment with no changes in your day-to-day operations or initial staff training.


We pride ourselves on providing an honest solution where our clients no longer have to worry about having funds frozen or their account being locked.


We have created the highest quality payment processing system for individuals and companies involved in high-risk sales - a huge problem that hasn't been solved until now.